Saturday, May 15, 2010

RBOC: getting ready for a baby is hard work edition

  • All is well, 31.5 weeks and counting! I have my last ultrasound next Thursday and I can't wait to get another look at him.
  • I am officially waddling, I'm sure it's amusing to others, to me-- not so much.
  • Nursery is painted, crib and dresser/changing table assembled and curtains on order.
  • I am fortunate to have two baby showers coming up the first week of June, grad school friends have booked flights and staying for the weekend --I couldn't possible be more thrilled.
  • Work is well... insane. I am still in charge of our largest project of the year and as time is slipping away I am starting to feel the panic set in. I want to push the project to the point where it's all about revision when I walk out the door. This would mean so much to my team and it would be a huge source of pride for me... I hope I can do it.
  • It's impossible for me to come home from work and do more work, I used to be able to do it, now I'm lucky if I can eat dinner before I fall asleep.
  • New opportunity is presenting itself at work with amazing timing given how disgruntled I have been as of late (ok, the last 1.5 years), and shitty timing given I'm going to have a baby in give or take 8 weeks. Luckily my corporate staff want this for me 100% and therefore are willing to move it forward and make it happen even if I'm on maternity leave. If all goes well, it will be there waiting for me when I get back.
  • Overall I'm busy as hell yet delighted. Hubby and I reflect on how incredibly lucky we are to have a baby on the way and so very many people who are just as excited and love him the way we do before he is already here.
I miss the blog world. I try to read whenever I get a few minutes so you'll see me pop up in your comments here and there. I am hoping that once my little man gets here and we settle in as a family I'll get back into the writing part.