Monday, July 27, 2009

How annoying can today get?

Let me count the ways (with messages for those individuals who made it especially annoying):

  1. Kept forgetting things upstairs this am, which make me run up and down the stairs and leave for work 20 minutes late.
  2. The most annoying staff meeting this AM. Team Member who is leaving in a coupe of weeks - Dude if I can't understand it and one of the other long time team members can't understand it, it sucks and needs to be revised-- just do it.
  3. Boss - I don't have the time or patience for your issues. When I said I did not want a new person to be aimless it was not a direct comment on your training abilities however, if you were not so blatantly insecure I'd tell you that you suck at it and it's the whole reason we took over the training to begin with. Please, do not tell me again how good you are at it.
  4. Internet explorer, thanks for crashing right when I was book flights for a conference. Lucky for you I waited it out and eventually got the email confirmation that the flights were actually booked.
  5. Dr's office receptionist- when I explain to you that the Dr tells me I have to sign paperwork to get copies of the blood tests just let me sign the damn paperwork so I don't have to hear the Dr complain about the fact that you didn't have me sign the paperwork.
I'm staying inside the rest of today. I'm done with all the annoying people.

Surgery follow up today-- clean bill of health.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's been almost a month...

since I last wrote. I didn't mean to stay away for so long. I have thought about writing often but coming up with the motivation to do so has been challenging. I have continued to move forward physically and psychologically (thank you for all your kind and caring comments on my past few posts, it really was a comfort to read your words). I have many more good days than bad a month out from my surgery. It seems I still don't have very much to say but it's getting better.

It's our busiest time of year at work so I have been working a lot and I've been itching to do some more academic writing so I contacted my post doc mentor about a call for papers. Thus, it seems I may have something to write about here in the not too distant future.