Monday, November 22, 2010

The Grass is always greener...

I had lunch this weekend with the grad school friend I mentioned at the bottom of this post. We spent a lot of time talking about our respective jobs and although I still wish I could spend my days doing what she spends her day doing (i.e., writing manuscripts and conducting data analysis on ideas/projects that she can freely generate), I would not be able to do that job now that I have a child. The place she works is not at all family friend. Totally inflexible regarding hours, no working from home, and a regimented half hour lunch break (so she always eats her lunch at her desk). So although I coveted this job for years, I am over it.

I may not be able to spend my days doing what I would like (although the powers that be keep telling me that we're going to get there), I have been able to drop down to 75% time, I work from home at least one day a week and my husband brings my son to the office so I can nurse him on my long day, oh and I got a promotion after being back from maternity a couple of days.