Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cover Meme

JLK has tagged me for the Cover Meme. I always have difficulties with these music memes because all the music I've ever known seems to go right out of my head when they come up. Although, I am happy to say that I could easily think of my favorite cover ever.

And the worst... I can't even listen to the whole thing

I haven't kept track of who has done this and who hasn't so if you haven't consider yourself tagged.

Monday, May 25, 2009

So wrong!!

There is no bathtub in my hotel room. Granted I am not a huge bath person normally but if there was ever a time to take one it's when you're in a hotel room all by yourself because you're traveling for work!

Otherwise the room is great. I am loving the king size bed all to myself, but seriously I don't care about the pretty tiled stand up shower, I want a tub!! There was nothing about this on their website either.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Apparently my blogiversary was April 28th. I totally missed it given my lack of blogging recently. Two major things have changed quite a bit since I started this blog.
  1. I have switched careers from a highly sought after post doc at a top notch institution to a researcher for a non-academic (at all) non-profit.
  2. DH and I bought a house and have begun to settle in here.
Even though ANJ has come with many ups and downs, I am feeling content with my decision although I am struggling with how to blog about my new position and my daily life without compromising my anonymity. I've had a bit of a breakthrough using the Wedding Cake Baker analogy but it does not fit for all the things I'd like to share.

My plan is to start applying for my own funding (to get out from under our crazy FC) and I hope to share that experience as it's different from grant writing and I'm sure many who are looking for non-academic positions would be interested in this experience so I'll do my best to find a way to share that with you.

I need to start revising my dissertation manuscript so I can submit it to another journal. I haven't had any motivation to start this but I am planning to make it a priority when I get back from my work trip.

I also hope to share my unbloggable personal situation soon.

Finally, I have a post brewing about reviewing articles for international journals.

So there's a preview of what's to come. I hope my readers remain interested and that some of what I have to say is helpful.

Long Weekend!!

I am so excited that it's a long weekend. The past few weeks have been intense with things gearing up at work for a busy summer and with my allergies skyrocketing out of control. It's been good to know I can get three solid nights sleep!

We're headed to a MLB game today, our anniversary (9 years) is Tuesday so I bought the tickets for my DH as a gift. It's been a rainy morning so we're crossing our fingers that it will clear up for the game this afternoon. Then we're headed to a BBQ tonight.

Tomorrow I think we'll be hanging out at home as I am actually leaving on a work trip tomorrow night. It's a bummer that it cuts into my long weekend but my meetings start early Tuesday morning so I had to fly tomorrow night in order to be there on time.

I'm looking forward to the work trip. The location is a cool place that I haven't visited before, I'll get to learn a lot and the company springs for a king room all for me. I don't know how much time I'll have to blog or to read blogs so I may not be around much for the next week. I'll be back Friday PM.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sorry I've been Missing in Action as of late. There are a few blog posts I've been meaning to write, hopefully I can get around to it. I'm 230 posts behind in my reader too, I've been trying to catch up there too.

Non-bloggable personal issue has been taking up a lot of my time still. May become bloggable soon.

Also, last weekend was mother's day and DH and I hosted our in-laws for a weekend full of stuff (bday party, shopping, baseball game) culminating in a Mother's day brunch for 14. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we did it, but man was I tired. I slept for like 3 hours after everyone left on Sunday.

This weekend I am sick. I thought it was allergies, I've been taking allergy meds (a 24 hour version) for about a month but since last weekend (when the pollen has just gone crazy) it just hasn't worked all that well. I started coughing on Friday and just figured it was allergies but I noticed today my glands are all swollen so I'm thinking maybe I have a cold. Either way it's not fun.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

RBOC: I seem to only write in bullets lately

  • I'm hanging out at home alone on a Saturday night. I really need it, my sister had a minor surgery yesterday and although I didn't think I was nervous I feel exhausted today and I'm pretty sure it was worrying about her yesterday that caught up with me (she's doing great by the way, so that's why I figure it caught up with me today when there is no longer any reason to worry).
  • Unbloggable personal situation has taken over my life. Hence, the lack of posting. I hope that it will become bloggable soon, or at least things will settle down a bit and I can find more time to write.
  • FC strikes again, my team has been working on this particular project (for which I am the project lead) for 6 months, and FC now claims it was never approved and they thought we were working on this complete other project that isn't due until next year. Although given my new plan, I am surprisingly not at all stressed by this. Actually, I've found it rather amusing. We have a meeting to discuss this on Monday, I fully intend to let those above me hash this out. Given that we have a wealth of evidence that this project was indeed approved and that FC is indeed an effin wacko I intend to enjoy a little bit of this meeting.
  • The ankle is much better. I wasn't going to wrap it today but it felt a little unstable this morning so I decided to just wrap it and not worry. Hopefully I'll be ready to start some light exercising next week.