Saturday, May 2, 2009

RBOC: I seem to only write in bullets lately

  • I'm hanging out at home alone on a Saturday night. I really need it, my sister had a minor surgery yesterday and although I didn't think I was nervous I feel exhausted today and I'm pretty sure it was worrying about her yesterday that caught up with me (she's doing great by the way, so that's why I figure it caught up with me today when there is no longer any reason to worry).
  • Unbloggable personal situation has taken over my life. Hence, the lack of posting. I hope that it will become bloggable soon, or at least things will settle down a bit and I can find more time to write.
  • FC strikes again, my team has been working on this particular project (for which I am the project lead) for 6 months, and FC now claims it was never approved and they thought we were working on this complete other project that isn't due until next year. Although given my new plan, I am surprisingly not at all stressed by this. Actually, I've found it rather amusing. We have a meeting to discuss this on Monday, I fully intend to let those above me hash this out. Given that we have a wealth of evidence that this project was indeed approved and that FC is indeed an effin wacko I intend to enjoy a little bit of this meeting.
  • The ankle is much better. I wasn't going to wrap it today but it felt a little unstable this morning so I decided to just wrap it and not worry. Hopefully I'll be ready to start some light exercising next week.

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Albatross said...

Glad your sister is ok. I really enjoy nights alone curled up at home!

Hope your US gets resolved soon.