Friday, January 29, 2010

RBOC quick check in edition

  • An up date on my last post; I now have a temporary crown on my tooth and am pretty much pain free. My back is better, physical therapy made a huge difference and I'm traveling right now so I haven't been able to be vigilant about my exercises but I'm doing my best and will be much better when I get home.
  • I'm not sure this conference was a great idea. All of my old colleagues are trying to convince me to jump back into the academia game and kick ANJ to the curb. I have lots of mixed feelings about this.
  • I have no luck with hotel rooms, we're in an amazing city with a wealth of hotel options and I ended up at the conference hotel that SUCKS. The room is small, with an even smaller window, the lighting is dingy and the hotel itself just feels run down.
  • Things are not much better ANJ, I am battling with my supervisor over control over a project that I am the lead on but that supervisor clearly wants to direct. It's not much fun and I'm fighting the battle but told my closest colleague that I'm close to giving in, and that if I do I see where this path will lead me --likely that I will not be back after maternity leave.
  • It's been fun and a bit overwhelming telling all my friends and colleagues that I'm pregnant. Everyone is so supportive. I'm still in the position of telling some they can't tell others because I really think it should come from me. After this weekend though, all bets are off, tell whomever the hell you want to tell. :)
  • Can't wait to fly home on Sunday. I miss my hubby, the dogs, and my own bed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Body:

I know you're very busy growing a little one and I am deeply appreciative. I also recognize that this is hard work and hence don't complain when you want to go to bed at 8:30pm or eat more red meat in a week that I usually eat in a month. However, could you please space out the falling apart? Intolerable back pain resulting in the need for physical therapy and a broken tooth* resulting in the need for a temporary cap in the same day is really unfair. Oh, and if you can't space these things out could you please, please, please not have them occur 2 days before I fly to the other coast?

You should now know that I am in love with my physical therapist and dentist who are miraculously making this trip still possible.

Love and Dr's appointments.

* have I mentioned my terror when it comes to the dentist? Think of me tomorrow at 12pm EST.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Home body

I had a short business trip this week (Tu AM to Wed early PM) and on the plane home tonight I realized that I'm becoming a home body.

I still yearn for a tropical (or at least warm) vacation but I don't like to be away for long periods of time and especially without my husband. I recognize that some of that maybe due to the fact that I'm pregnant but reflecting back I think this has been building. I suspect some of stems from the realization that work travel isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

I just couldn't wait to get in my own house, where my comfy sweats are located. Where I could sit on my own couch and watch TV and I've been dreaming about sleeping in my own bed tonight (even though I was only in a hotel room for 1 night).

I'm traveling again next week for a conference. I'll be gone Wed through Sun. I'll probably be a mess by the time I get back. Fingers crossed I don't have any traveling snafus. After that, I don't have any travel plans (although it looks like I might have a couple of short work meeting trips next month).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Personal Reveal

I am 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Hubby and I are thrilled, we are just starting to tell people. We have experienced a previous loss so we have been very cautious during this pregnancy with telling people and just waiting for time to pass. However, I am just about to enter my 2nd trimester, we've had 3 ultrasounds and the baby has a very strong heart beat and has been consistently measuring 3-4 days ahead of it's gestational age, so all signs so far point to a healthy pregnancy. We're starting to feel much more optimistic. Here is an ultrasound pic from my 12 week appointment.

We are preparing for life to change around here and I'm hoping I'll find time to blog about all the decisions we have to make but for now I wanted to share my good news.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year in Review

I stole this Idea from Abbey. Basically I will take the first sentence from the first post of each month of last year.

January- Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. I didn't have much to say in that post. I submitted my dissertation for publication that month, too bad it was rejected in April.

February- . Work:- was okay. Seem to be making a little bit of progress. Had a presentation accepted for national research organization and submitted another one.ah yes, my progress and productivity goals for 2009. 5 ares of my life I wanted to work on last year, although I didn't give up on the goals, I did quit posting about them after 10 weeks.

March- I am NOT happy about this. I was talking about the foot of snow we got on the first. I can very much relate to these feelings right now, given that I'm in the midst of a weekend long snow storm. I am very intolerant of snow in March, every year i ready for Spring to begin. I hope there's no snow this year.

April- My life is full of unbloggable infuriating work situations right now, so here are some long awaited vacation pics to hold you over until I am no longer as angry and find something I can actually blog about. This month began with a bunch of BS at work that has continued on even today. These issue still plague me and make me wonder how much time I have left at ANJ. Additionally I started going through an unbloggable personal situation that lead to some of the worst days of my life to date in June.

May- I'm hanging out at home alone on a Saturday night. I was writing in bullets alot during April/May. Unbloggable personal situation was dominating my life which made it hard to have something to write about.

June- Yesterday was the worst day of my life (so far and I hope, hope, hope for a lifetime). Only two posts in June, it was a really hard month for me and one of those times in my life where I was just hoping time would pass me by so I could get some space in between me all that I experienced during that time. The quiet on my blog reflected the quietness I needed in my life to get through this experience.

July- It's been almost a month since I last wrote. Just starting to talk and share again. July was better than June, but still slow going.

August- Dear Hubby, I'm writing this here because if I don't write it down here, I might just have to strangle you. ah yes, I remember this day well. I can actually relate very much to these feelings right now. For some reason hubby's travel decisions never go well. I was much better during August, spent the last week and a half on a much needed beach vacation.

September- Came home a day early. Late August beach weather is quite variable in the North East so we headed back a day early. I did a lot of thinking about ANJ on this vacation. I took some action after the vacation to try and make things better at ANJ, there have been some changes since then but overall things aren't much better for me.

October- Tomorrow is my annual review with my boss. and it goes on and on. :)

November- I really do enjoy blogging but haven't been very good about it the last couple of months so I've decided to give NaBloPoMo a try.I tried, but ended up with 11 posts in 30 days. It was a great month for me, I got some great news (haven't blogged about that), took a weekend trip that turned into an amazing experience and overall had a good month.

December- I didn't post at all! But if you got to my post from yesterday you can see what I have been up to.

Here's to 2010!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello January...

Where did December go and why haven't I blogged? I'm not quite sure! Here's what I've been up to
  • My 35th birthday
  • Girl's weekend shopping and a Spa Day
  • My Mom's birthday, one of my best friend's birthday, company Holiday party (all one weekend).
  • Sisters annual holiday party.
  • Concert for my favorite band.
  • Hosted a Christmas Eve brunch
  • Got sick (and I still am, 10 days and counting).
I guess all that didn't leave much time for blog writing or reading (over 500 posts in my reader). I hope to be better during January.