Friday, January 29, 2010

RBOC quick check in edition

  • An up date on my last post; I now have a temporary crown on my tooth and am pretty much pain free. My back is better, physical therapy made a huge difference and I'm traveling right now so I haven't been able to be vigilant about my exercises but I'm doing my best and will be much better when I get home.
  • I'm not sure this conference was a great idea. All of my old colleagues are trying to convince me to jump back into the academia game and kick ANJ to the curb. I have lots of mixed feelings about this.
  • I have no luck with hotel rooms, we're in an amazing city with a wealth of hotel options and I ended up at the conference hotel that SUCKS. The room is small, with an even smaller window, the lighting is dingy and the hotel itself just feels run down.
  • Things are not much better ANJ, I am battling with my supervisor over control over a project that I am the lead on but that supervisor clearly wants to direct. It's not much fun and I'm fighting the battle but told my closest colleague that I'm close to giving in, and that if I do I see where this path will lead me --likely that I will not be back after maternity leave.
  • It's been fun and a bit overwhelming telling all my friends and colleagues that I'm pregnant. Everyone is so supportive. I'm still in the position of telling some they can't tell others because I really think it should come from me. After this weekend though, all bets are off, tell whomever the hell you want to tell. :)
  • Can't wait to fly home on Sunday. I miss my hubby, the dogs, and my own bed.

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