Monday, January 25, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Body:

I know you're very busy growing a little one and I am deeply appreciative. I also recognize that this is hard work and hence don't complain when you want to go to bed at 8:30pm or eat more red meat in a week that I usually eat in a month. However, could you please space out the falling apart? Intolerable back pain resulting in the need for physical therapy and a broken tooth* resulting in the need for a temporary cap in the same day is really unfair. Oh, and if you can't space these things out could you please, please, please not have them occur 2 days before I fly to the other coast?

You should now know that I am in love with my physical therapist and dentist who are miraculously making this trip still possible.

Love and Dr's appointments.

* have I mentioned my terror when it comes to the dentist? Think of me tomorrow at 12pm EST.


Jennie said...

Hope all went well.

Mamabeek said...

Well here it is Thursday night... did you make it through ok? What a horrible double whammie! Hoping it's all in the past now, and wasn't as bad as you feared.

Anonymous said...

Finally getting a chance to catch up on my blogs.

What a bad day! Hope you are feeling okay.

Congrats on the baby though! How very exciting :o)

Surfergrrl said...

oh no! when it rains it pours. Hope it wasn't that bad. I need to have a cap put on a tooth as well, but I've been avoiding it more for financial reasons. I guess it's better than waiting and having to get a root canal. Hope it went OK.

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