Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Open Letter to My DH

Dear Hubby,

I'm writing this here because if I don't write it down here, I might just have to strangle you.

It's not my fault that you call two nights before you leave to find out what you need to wear for the various events you'll participate in while traveling.

It's also not my fault that you had to go shopping after work tonight because you did not have any appropriate clothing.

It's not my fault that you wait to pack for your trip at 10pm the night before your 8am flight.

It's not my fault that you only travel a couple of times a year and therefore forget which toiletries you ran out of the last time you did so (oh and again, not my fault you waited until 10pm to start thinking about this).

Yes, I travel more often than you do, I also think about what I need to wear months beforehand, pack at least 24 hours beforehand and always replace my toiletries before I even begin to pack (sometimes right after I return from my trip).

I will miss you while you're gone this weekend, but it's not my fault that I'll be slightly happy to be drop you off in the AM.

How quickly you forgot that I 1. went shopping with you, 2. let you borrow my suitcase and 3. took care of checking you in for your flight.

Much love from your running out of patience Wife.


AnotherSocialScientist said...

Ha ha! Why do men seem to wait till they're 40 to get a respectable travel bag? Enjoy a relaxing weekend without him!

Seeking Solace said...

HA! My husband is 43 and still doesn't have a respectable travel bag.

I swear, sometimes we are more like their mothers!

TiredProf said...

Boy, I know this drill!

Jennie said...

The funny thing is that if you would have asked him about what he needed for his travels say, on Monday, he would have got on your case for being a nag!

B said...

Yes last time we traveled I packed my stuff, husband packed his. when I didn't pack his fleece coat he was miffed.... but since he was packing his clothes I thought he would pack it. somehow it was still my fault.