Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ah the joys of these new social networking sites and the new issues that come from them. I know Di Di and Mamabeek have talked about issues with FB and now I have a twitter issue.

I am on twitter to follow a particular band I'm a huge fan of, that is the only reason I joined.This may seem weird but it's something I don't want to share with other people. I never told anyone I joined and for a long time I had my tweets hidden. I took off the privacy settings a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to join in a public conversation, forgot to put it back and one of my not a fan of the band, real life friends found me tonight.

I sent her a DM saying she probably does not want to follow me, and I removed her from my followers. If she asks I'm going to just say I closed my privacy settings and it must have thrown her out when I did it. She's not savvy about twitter. I should have made it so I wan't identifiable at all, now I don't want to tweet anymore. Maybe I'll create another twitter account and stop tweeting on this one or delete the tweets I don't want anyone to read and just use this for my public account.

I should have known better. Such a bummer.


Di Di said...

I have two twitter accounts - one linked to my blog, and one under my real name. I primarily use the blog account to tweet about life, so that I can whine and complain and it's not linked to my name on the internet. I also use this one for public discussions like when I want to tweet with strangers about hell's kitchen.

My real-name account is friends-online. I use it to follow my real life friends, and my tweeting on that account mostly consists of replying to their tweets. And, when I want to tweet about something specific to my field or department, I use the real name account (because I don't want to give my identity away on the blog account).

I guess that sounds complicated but it's not hard to have two twitter accounts. I have a twitter program for one of them, so I just click the icon to update it, and the other one is open in my web browser.

Di Di said...

Meant to say my real-name account is friends-only, meaning nobody can see it except approved followers