Sunday, September 6, 2009

RBOC: back from vacation

  • Came home a day early. It was a beach vacation but today and tomorrow temps are only going to reach 70F which just doesn't work for sitting on a beach. I was content with my 7 days of vacation.
  • After practically growing up on the beach, I really, really missed the ocean when I was living in grad school town. I was thrilled to sit in the sand and watch the waves roll in for days on end.
  • Family vacations are great in theory but aren't all their cracked up to be in reality. There were 11 of us share a 4 bedroom cottage, need I say more?
  • Some people are incredibly selfish in every aspect of their lives, this really comes to light when you're sharing a small, not well insulated space with them for 7 days. I just don't know how they get away with it (especially when they have kids).
  • I really needed some R&R and I made it a priority to get some on vacation.
The reason I needed the R&R on vacation was to get some time and space away from ANJ and do some thinking. I just had my one year anniversary, and things have not been great for me over the past few months but I wasn't sure whether I just needed some time off (hadn't taken a real vacation since March and had been working 60 hour weeks for the past month or so). Unfortunately the closer I get to returning to work the more I realize that I was not just tired and strung out, because the negative feelings I had when I left have not disappeared with time away as I had hoped they might. A more detailed post about these issues and what I need to do about them to follow over the next day or two.


AnotherSocialScientist said...

People often quit their jobs after a vacation. Glad you had a relaxing time and good luck with the job decisions; 60hr working weeks are way over the top but particularly if you don't love the job.

Psycgirl said...

Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Good luck with all your thinking.