Monday, September 7, 2009

Can't a girl get a bathtub?

Back in May I traveled for work and complained about the fact that the hotel did not have a bathtub. This past week on vacation, no bathtub (and even worse it was a 3 square foot shower)! I am traveling next week for work again, this time on the west coast... but I just received my hotel information and it's the same hotel chain as the May trip.

So help me if there is no bathtub this time I am done traveling. Luxury! Vacation! Not without a bathtub I say!


Seeking Solace said...

Damn straight!!!

Psych Post Doc said...

I'll be sure to post tomorrow as soon as I get to the hotel. :)

Mamabeek said...

Damn! You know I read the title of this post when you wrote it and surfed away because I 'knew' I'd already read that. Did a double take today and realized it was new after all. LOL!

This is SO wrong. Give them a two thumbs down in the online reviews.