Thursday, October 16, 2008

All moved in

We finished moving all of our stuff into the new house this weekend. It feels so great to know this place is ours.

Now however, I need to make some decisions about decorating and making this place our own. First order of business, my office. We're going to tear up the carpet (it is disgusting!!), lay down a new one and paint. The room is pretty large and has three windows. Right now it's a lavender color with white trim and a dark blueish/purplish carpet. There are already white shelves in there.

I know I want to keep the white trim. My desk and bookcases are all brown so I think I need a lighter trim to balance the furniture. But I can't decide what color I would like the paint to be. We've picked colors for the dining room (muted green) and the living room (yellow or gold) and we're leaving one of the spare bedrooms (baby blue w/ a simple beige carpet). Not that it really matters as the office is pretty separate from the rest of the rooms so it could blend in but doesn't have to.

I've been on the Home and Garden Television web page looking at home office remodels for the last hour to try and get some ideas but I've got nothing. Any suggestions?


Psychgrad said...

I like a medium green - like a sage green. That's the colour that I have in my office.

Psych Post Doc said...

That's what we're doing in the dining room. Great minds think alike. :)

I still can't decide if I want to do something different in the office.

Mamabeek said...

Color suggestions? No, I'm a disaster at that, but here's a different kind... keep on having fun with this! It's so cool you finally have your own place. :)