Sunday, April 5, 2009

RBOC: Not a Happy Camper

  • I have been screwed over at work (in a way that may do a bit of damage to my professional reputation... but I think I can stop that) and there is NOTHING I can do about it except refuse to do anything else that will allowed me to be screwed again.
  • My supervisors at work are "as outraged as I am about this situation" and although they've put on the face of sticking up for me to the powers that be it's useless. Although they told me they would "make this right", they actually can't.
  • This situation has made me less than enthusiastic about work as of late. I haven't been volunteer to be the project lead on new projects, and on Friday I basically escaped an hour early because I just could not stand to be there anymore. I'm not sure what to do about this but it can't go on forever.
  • Getting out of bed to go to work last week= a total bitch, I was later than I would like every day.
  • There are no research jobs for me to apply to right now, trust me, I've been looking. And I obviously missed the faculty job opportunities for this year (not that there were more than a couple in my field that I would have even considered).
  • Hubby has been sick all weekend and basically didn't want to do anything but sit around the house. It happens to coincide with a weekend in which everyone I know has been busy so I too have done nothing but sit around the house.
  • Now I feel anxious about the fact that it's Sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow. Even though I've sat around the house all weekend, the time has flown.
  • Hubby wants to go to his parents house for Easter. It's 2 hours away and we have to decided whether to bring the dogs and go out on Saturday (huge pain in the ass) or do not bring the dogs (drive 4 hours for a 2 hour dinner on Sunday). I would prefer to stay home and go to my sisters (5 minutes away) but we almost always go that route.
  • I haven't done any data management for my post doc project. I am almost done, just need to work up the motivation to get it done. However, the way I have been feeling thanks to the job situation just doesn't help me feel motivated.


post-doc said...

I'm so sorry about work. I think there are benefits to working outside academia, but I also think we have much less control over the ultimate outcome. The good side of this is that you should be able to limit the damage to your reputation - it's known that some people make bad decisions even if you've done a spectacular job presenting the proper information. So hang in there, keep looking and evaluate your options as best you can. I very much hope this week is better though.

haphazardmusings said...

Your work situation sounds less than pleasant. You are smart to put your guard up from here on out by not volunteering for anything outside the bounds of your official duties. I'm stuck in a job like that, and I've taken a similar approach. So far, it seems to be benefiting my sanity.

Hopefully the economy will improve soon and you'll be able to find another job that better suits you. Hang in there!

Surfergrrl said...

awe, I'm sorry to hear that. Keep venting as needed!

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the support everyone.

Much of my frustration is the lack of control, and although I've adapted during other aspects of my job I'm just not sure I can let this part go. Of course I guess I am adapting here too by refusing to do anything like this in the future.

Psychgrad said...

That doesn't sound like a pleasant work experience at all. I believe in karma. Good things come to good people and those that work for it. Hopefully it'll apply in this situation.

Shell said...

Sorry to hear about your work situation. Your fellow bloggers are here for you.