Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love a challenge

My supervisor is going on vacation in 10 days, they will be gone for 2 weeks, two days after they return (to this country!) they have to fly to a really important meeting and present the project I'm currently working on. Oh, and they return on a long weekend so we won't even be in the office between when they get back to the country and when they have to fly out for the meeting.

In the mean time, in order for my supervisor to do this I need to...
  1. Write one proposal (for which we've just started doing the literature and data search for this week).
  2. Revise one report, decide what we want to do for a follow up to that report and write a short proposal for that follow up.
  3. Do a literature and data search for 2 other topics and write up annotated bibliographies for both of them.
I will have help from my team, but they are all busy with other tasks as well that take precedence over my project. My supervisor is also going to help me as much as possible before they leave for vacation.

I don't feel stressed. It will be tight and if I get all of this done then it is the ideal situation and my supervisor and the people that they are presenting to will be VERY, VERY happy. If I get most of this done, they'll still be content. My goal is of course to get it all done, and have most of it done before my supervisor leaves.

I guess it's time for me to start showing what I'm worth. :)


Unbalanced Reaction said...

I hope you're making good progress on your to-do list! Good luck!

Psych Post Doc said...

I'm trying! Thanks.