Saturday, September 27, 2008

Working Weekend....

My deadlines have been pushed up to Monday. I don't yet know whether this is a common occurrence or not but the deadline was originally 10/14, then it was 10/9, then I set a personal deadline of 10/3 and my boss suddenly dropped the bomb that they needed it all by Monday. On top of that...the requirements project itself have become increasingly more professional. They started as just a few bullet points for each proposal (there are 4 proposals for this particular project!), then it turned into a narrative for my supervisor to read through, now it is a full on proposal for each that are "outside eyes" ready. They'll have to go through 2 reviews before my supervisor gets to present them. The good news is that I have a rough draft of each of the proposals so I'm not working from scratch. Two of them have been written by other members of my team though so i have to polish them all, reformat so they're consistent, and finish actually writing the main one that I've taken on myself.

S0...This is the first weekend that I actually have to work for ANJ. It's okay, it's actually good timing because we close on the house on Tuesday and this way I can take comp time rather than personal time.

But... I went out last night and feel hung over (although I didn't really drink, just a couple of beers) from the staying out late, dancing and screaming (concert) and not drinking enough water... so I've just been sitting at the computer not doing anything work related and letting time pass me by. I want to watch a football game tonight, tomorrow I have plans for brunch and another evening out so I need to get this stuff done.

I'm thinking that maybe I should work a little and then take a power nap. I think if I work most of the weekend I can get this stuff done.

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B said...

That sounds rough that your deadline changed on you and so fast! I'm glad you can still get it done.