Sunday, February 8, 2009

Progress and Productivity wk 6

1. Work:- Well, the three hours I spent in the office this week went well :) I worked from home most of the week thanks to illness, but we're really busy right now so it's just been trying to help the team move forward.

2. Research- My presentation was given...not by me, but by my co-author. Next up is some much delayed data coding for my post doc lab. Promised my post doc mentor an update at the end of the month so I would like it to be more than "yeap, still haven't done that"

3. Health- I did not die from that stomach bug. :) Actually, I've been slowly recovering (amazing how quickly it hits but how slowly it leaves. I have been taking is slow but my husband and I did take a nice long walk with the dogs this afternoon which was good exercise for all of us.

4. Home- N/A

5. Finances-N/A

For next week, I need to go get my blood drawn for a follow up from my physical, I need to get reimbursed a bunch of $$ that work and other people owe me, and I would like to do some organizing of our junk room. We'll see how much of this gets done given our big deadline at work this Friday.


Mamabeek said...

Exercise... what a concept!

Glad you're slowly recovering. I got three different bugs at once I think and I STILL can't lose the congested lungs. Wishing you a much more complete recovery. I think three hours is commendable under the circumstances!

Seeking Solace said...

Glad you are on the mend.

Albatross said...