Sunday, February 15, 2009

So much for Valentine's Day

We had big plans yesterday that included
  • taking the dogs for a nice long walk at the local park
  • going to the movies
  • having either a late lunch or early dinner

What we actually did
  • We headed out to the local park with the dogs and every path was covered in ice so it was dangerous just to take a step, plus one of the dogs kept coughing (he never does this, I have no idea why) and my husband started to feel "off," he thought he was just hungry but... we got home and he ate a little, feel asleep almost immediately, woke up a half hour later and started vomiting. Yeap, stomach bug had found it's way to him 10 days after it hit me.
  • He spent the rest of the day in bed.
I spent the rest of the day:
  • Doing some data management stuff I promised to my former post doc advisor
  • Troubleshooting my lap top that keeps crashing, hoping all the scans I did worked....
  • Trying to download a game from EA, of course with a crashing lap top that did not go well.
  • Watch DVR'd Dog Whisperer and House episodes
Not exactly how I expected to spend V-day. Although DH seems to be doing a lot better today so I am glad that we got home and he was able to rest the rest of the day.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

Glad DH is feeling better!

Dog Whisperer is the strangest show. I mock it, but I can't stop watching it. That guy is a genius.

Albatross said...

That sounds like such a lovely day planned that you should claim a different weekend for a V-day redo!

Glad DH is feeling better and best of luck with the lap top. Mine started acting up and I am now just wondering how much it will crash and when....

Psychgrad said...

Sounds like Valentine's Day just wasn't meant to be. Glad DH is feeling better. I spent my night downloading music and going to the gym...I ate leftovers in the bedroom, R ate them in the living room. Not fighting...just anti-Valentine's.

Jennie said...

We had plans to go visit my cousin for his bday but I got called to work, plus my husband is also sick. I guess I wasn't too disappointing since we had made huge plans anyway. Hope your husband gets better soon. Mine is but he got me sick. Luckily it's just a cold.

PhizzleDizzle said...

awww, that's too bad!!! but glad your man feels better today, and hope you guys are both full speed soon. V-day can be rain-checked :).

Mamabeek said...

Aw, what lousy luck! Glad husband is better... I hope dog is too?

We worked pretty much all day and watched a movie with wine and chocolate, so I guess that was something. Not all that. LOL!

I'm with Phizzle, do that plan some other time; it's too good to 86 completely!

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks Everyone. He's much better today, had to work this AM and was fine with going in.

UR- Ceaser Milan is my hero. I have some issues with my male dog and I've tried some of his techniques and they really work. Plus, I would love to have his pack so I watch it with doggie envy. :)

PD & Mamabeek, we'll definitely rain check it. It's just hard because my husband is on call one weekend a month and then we try to get stuff done on the weekends he's not so it works out to be not many hang out and have fun days.