Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today was a strange day for me in terms of interactions with former (and therefore probably current) advisors.

First- I got feedback on my diss manuscript from my Grad advisor (GA) who told me to take their name off the manuscript. Before you think it's because they think the manuscript is shit, I should tell you that the feedback is actually very positive. They said they felt like this project (being my dissertation and not at all really related to other stuff they do) was/is my baby and I should be sole author on it. So I'll thank GA in the acknowledgements but take them off the paper. Now let's hope it gets published when I submit it. I'm thinking I'll go back to working on this manuscript this weekend rather than FYM, I am really anxious to get it submitted.

Second- I had a meeting with Post Doc Mentor (PDM) tonight about the projects that I was involved in and want to continue working on. PDM was going on about how they missed me and quickly it became clear to me why-- they've made no progress on these two major projects since I left. And the lab manager doesn't even know where to start because she's so overwhelmed with new projects that she hasn't even had time to go through all the notes and directions I left her with. Basically, I have to pick up where I left off if I want to move these projects forward, and I do want to move them forward. I'm a little disappointed that some important follow up was not done, it probably resulted in quite a bit of missing data. But at the same time I can totally see how it happened. PDM was out of the lab for a full month after I left and the lab manager only started about a month before I left. Without me there to take the lead, things feel through the cracks.

Also, while I was there lab manager was asking me a bunch of questions and then when I went into the lab area a new grad student (that I know from when I worked there) was asking my advice about her lab protocol. Um... I don't work here anymore. I have to admit that my brain felt really fuzzy when I was there. I haven't really thought about this work for 2 months and there is this bad vibe around my post doc experience so I feel off when I'm there.

In the end, both of them left me with a bunch of work and none of it associated with ANJ. So much for feeling disconnected from my subfield.


Psychgrad said...

Some nice compliments. A single author paper would be quite nice. Very decent of your grad mentor.

It's nice to be needed/useful - but I hope that you don't get sucked into doing more in the lab than what you intend.

AnotherSocialScientist said...

that really shows how effective you are. You should be proud! Someone else isn't doing there job though, huh?

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the comments!

Psychgrad- exactly, what needs to be done in the lab will take up more time than I have. I'm going to do my best to not over commit. I am not going to work full time in PD lab and full time at ANJ. I just can't do that.

ASS- I would love to accept that it has to do with how effective I am. I think it's more a reflection of the fact that I am the only one crazy enough to put the 60-70 hours/week to meet PDM's expectations.