Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RBOC: I'm cranky

This is a list of the things I'm cranky about right now.
  • NFL football is for Sundays, not for Thursdays before Thanksgiving, it's just not right.
  • The contractors doing some work here at my office took up 4 parking spots in our tiny parking lot, with 1 friggen van.
  • I can feel a cold coming on... now is not a good time!
  • I am hosting* Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people (in 2 weeks!!), the plumber hasn't shown up in 2 weeks and my dining room is torn apart.
  • I forgot to bring my oatmeal for breakfast this AM and had to stop to buy something or I wouldn't have had anything to eat.

Now that I've vented, maybe I can get some work done.

* Edited, it used to say hosing which I found funny but couldn't leave there.


Seeking Solace said...

I love the "Turkey Bowl". What would Thanksgiving be without watching either Detroit or Dallas!

Psych Post Doc said...

I'm fine with the Turkey Bowl, I'm just digruntled about Thursday games BEFORE Thanksgiving.