Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm back

The trip was not that great to be honest.

What I really needed was a relaxing weekend away, sleeping in, having some drinks, good food, getting some exercise, doing some shopping and sitting by the fire.

What I got was a not so relaxing barely 2 days away (got there at 5pm on Friday and left at 10am today)
Not sleeping much at all (the heating system in the house we rented was really loud and someone woke me up after just 4 hours of sleep this AM)
Having some drinks but they didn't seem to relax me.
The food we cooked was amazing but we had pizza while out shopping that was gross and so friggen hot that the top of my mouth is lacking a couple layers of skin.
No exercise as it was about 15 degrees out yesterday and so it was brutal to be out at all never mind trying to stay outside.
I did some shopping but the cool new sunglasses that I got for an incredibly $7 are a little too tight and gave me a headache.
I did some sitting by the fire but it was a gas fireplace and I really wanted the smell of wood burning.

I would not say it was terrible, but it wasn't great either. Next year we're going to do a beach weekend in the summer, I think that will be much better.


Psychgrad said...

Sorry it wasn't as relaxing as you were hoping. Two days of travel for one day of vacation is tough.

I think you need a week-long vacation, somewhere warm. This weather is ridiculous.

post-doc said...

I'm sorry too. I had a professor say that anticipation was the best part of vacations. While I have some notable exceptions, there are times when that's true. Try to stay warm and maybe make up for it with a few nice hours at home? Hot baths, good books a nice bottle of wine?

Psychgrad said...

A home vacation would be nice too. So true about the anticipation.