Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the season...

I mentioned here that I had some really nice neighbors to go along with my new home. Well this week we've found out just how nice they are.

On Wed we got our first real snow of the season, I worked from home and went out in the afternoon to shovel our sidewalk before it all turned to ice... and it was done, plowed no less!

Today we got our first significant snow storm of the season, DH picked me up from my sister's house and by the time we got home not only was our sidewalk recently plowed but so too was the spot for my car in the driveway! DH's car was in the driveway or I'm sure they would have done that spot too.

To pay it forward, DH and I stopped for gas tonight and this poor man who was pumping gas was the friendlies and most cheerful attendant we had ever met. We gave him a $5 tip (I wish we could have given him more but that's all I had in my wallet) and offered to drive up the road and get him a coffee but he said he was already wired on energy drinks.

So although it's frightfully cold and snowy outside, we're just filled with kindness and warmth in our new home.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

That's so great! My neighbor did the path to my door, too, but under slightly different circumstances. See, he is my upstairs neighbor and has two VERY loud children (over the age of 10)...that are prone to VERY loud temper tantrums. He's been plowing it ever since I mentioned (just prior to Thanksgiving) that the reason he never saw me home (he asked) was because I needed quiet to get work done. Since Thanksgiving, it has been VERY quiet. Turns out he shipped the kids back to the Motherland for four months--seriously!

Mamabeek said...

This is WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you feel safe and warm and welcome in your new home.