Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So much I want to say...

is unbloggable.

I'm feeling underutilized and the crazy work 15 hours in one day and then be bored for 2-3 days cycle is continuing. I'm waiting for things to change... asking for things to change... demanding in an appropriate manner that things change... while at the same time starting to give up hope that things will change.

So, I'm looking at post doc listings, and keeping my eye out for late posted jobs. I sketched out a grant proposal yesterday (I can't write this grant at ANJ, nor can I conduct this type of research here) and I'm going to spend some time this afternoon working on my dissertation manuscript which is oh so close to getting out the door for review.

I wish I could give details and ask for concrete advice, but I can't.

We got our first real bit of snow today so I'm working from home. I live about 11 miles from work and the roads were still bad when I got up for work so I decided to forgo the commute.

Then I realized... we don't have any shovels here. Left them all at our other house in grad school town and rented all last year so we did not have to shovel. My sister just picked one up for me at the store and will drop it off in a while so I can dig out the front sidewalk and driveway. But seriously, who grows up in New England, moves back, buys a house, and not a friggen snow shovel? What were we thinking??


Seeking Solace said...

Seeing what's out there can't hurt. Maybe there's a better place that will appreciate your talent.

B said...

We had to buy a shovel too as at our last place the owners of the property shoveled.

I'm sorry to hear about your job but it sounds like you are doing the right thing, planning and looking ahead to other possibilities. Good luck!

Surfergrrl said...

That's rough to have that kind of rollercoaster schedule! Hang in there!