Monday, March 9, 2009

Progress and Productivity Week 10

1. Work- Had a long working lunch meeting with my boss last Thursday, it was positive however I suspected I had just heard a bunch of lip service as there weren't any concrete plans for change that came out of the meeting. Then first thing on Friday those suspicions received some strong support. Today, more of the same. Ugh!

2. Research-Still coding data for my Post Doc Mentor, I'm guessing I can probably get it done by the end of this week. Yippee.

3. Health- Went dancing on Saturday which was good but the pain I was in on Sunday was yet more evidence that I really need to get some regular exercise.

4. Home- No home organizing this week.

5. Finances- Got my reimbursement $$. Still need to really look at my budget to start meeting my financial goals.

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