Saturday, March 7, 2009

RBOC: Finally a Nice Weekend Edition.

  • We have the windows open and the heat off, it is going to be in the 60's today!
  • DH and I have a birthday party this AM/early PM, a dinner and dancing date tonight, and another birthday party tomorrow.
  • The dogs are at doggie day camp today. We're test driving this place for when we're in FL for spring training.
  • We leave for our spring training trip in 11 days!!
  • I need to shower and get presents wrapped before DH gets back from having his hair cut.
  • Here is to hoping that all this snow is gone by the end of tomorrow and we can see dirt/grass once again.


sassymonkey said...

We had the door open to the sunroom for a bit. Our cat was *thrilled* .

Unbalanced Reaction said...

In the 60s? I am so jealous!!

Psych Post Doc said...

Sassymonkey- I know, we were all loving it yesterday.

UR- I'm sorry, although I'm reluctant to believe it will last.