Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is it good for?

Want to know what my new phone is good for?

  • Entering notes about what I KNOW I'll forget to pack such as my new phone charger and beach towels
  • Entering the need to check in to my flights 24 hours in advance into the calender which nicely alarms me at the right time so I don't forget to do this.
  • Reminding me to post a blog about how I leave for FL and Spring Training tomorrow. Yippee.

This is my first vacation without bringing any work in 8 years!! No work = no computer so I'll be sure to check in when I get back next Tuesday.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

No computer? Way to unplug-- I'm impressed!

Jennie said...

Have fun!

Mamabeek said...

Bon Voyage!

Shell said...

I'm a little behind, but I hope your vacation went well! :)

Di Di said...

It's great that you were able to take a vacation with no work. I hope it was fun!