Sunday, November 22, 2009

My kind of Sunday

  • Laying on the couch catching up on blogs and drinking coffee.
  • Breakfast w/ friends who are in town for a conference (haven't seen them in a year!)
  • Catch up on work
Oh, and it's pretty warm here. Would not know it's November.

What's up for your Sunday?


Seeking Solace said...

You just described my Sunday!

biochem belle said...

Hmm. Sounds wonderful.

Got up early. Started cleaning. Took a break for coffee and blogs. Breakfast. Grocery shopping. A little more blog time. The afternoon will be spent cleaning and reading/thinking about science.

I'm jealous :(

Psych Post Doc said...

SS- maybe we're the same person! :) I bet your day also includes what mine does right now--feeding a hungry dog. LOL

biochem Belle- thanks for the comment! You're Sunday doesn't sound too bad, especially not in the life of a post doc! :)

TiredProf said...

Very similar here, too: slept very late, went shopping (groceries and other) in nearby small city, pulled out the Thanksgiving kitch decorations and set the table, made a nice dinner, and FOOTBALL.

It's very warm here, too--after the past 2 winters, I'm not complaining!