Friday, November 13, 2009

Not so swank

The hotel I am staying in wants you to think it's very swank, and the lobby and the fact that all the "taxis" that leave and arrive here are actually Escalades or Town Cars may have you fooled until you go to the room and you realize
  • The toilet seat is cracked in two places, and you wonder how it even stays attached.
  • There is a wet spot on the carpet in front of the sink for no apparent reason.
  • The lighting in here absolutely sucks, even when I have every lamp on it's still dark as hell
  • The TV doesn't have a timer and finally
  • There is a disco right next store and apparently on Friday nights you don't even have to walk over there because it's just as loud and base rocking in my 9th floor hotel room as it would be at the bar.
I am traveled out, can't wait to go home tomorrow and so thrilled I didn't forget my ear plugs!