Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I hate them. Seriously, in this very pathological way. It all goes back to my need for truth, when someone surprises me all I can think about is the fibs they had to tell to keep it a surprise and it eats away at me.

My 16th birthday was a disaster, my parents threw me a surprise party and the entire time I was miserable.I kept thinking through the conversations I had with my best friends and boyfriend for weeks before the event and the many lies they told me in order to keep this secret. You should see the pictures from the party, I was miserable.

It even extend to an inability to throw other people surprise parties. I threw hubby a surprise party for his 30th birthday and it almost gave me a heart attack. In order to pull it off I had to tell hubby that I was planning a surprise and he needed to not ask me questions. :)

Now, I realize what I'm going to say next makes me a hypocrite: I love to surprise other people!! :) Hubby and I have made a habit of it after living out of State for 6 years we had to disappoint enough people who invited us to events that whenever we could we would show up and surprise them (don't worry not for weddings or events that a head count was really important).

Our favorite experience was showing up to hubby's BFF house for his New Year's Eve party. Nobody knew we were coming (we were not even invited because Hubby's BFF just assumed we wouldn't make it given we were home the week before for X-mas). The look on Hubby's BFF face when he opened the door to see us standing there was precious! He started screaming for his wife who came around the corner and also started screaming. :) Hubby's BFF still talks about it as his favorite surprise ever.

This weekend I get to do it again. My sister and I are driving 9.5 hours to attend a friend's 30th birthday celebration! We're leaving on Thursday and coming back on Sunday, it is going to be a blast. We're staying with another friend who RSVPd for 3 (see making sure we don't screw up the headcount) which birthday girl assumes was Friend, her hubby and son. I can't wait to see the look on her face, even if it does make me a hypocrite. :)


Albatross said...

That is awesome!!!! Your friend will be so excited!

I also hate surprises. I was totally the reason my mom had to hide xmas presents at friends houses. Can't keep them either. This came up last week, actually- the day before my birthday and I went on and on about how I hate them to a friend... who was throwing me a surprise party that night. She was lucky that I've always secretly wanted a surprise party =)

Di Di said...

I'm like that too!! (hating surprises, getting upset when I've been deceived even with very kind intentions.)

And, I like to read what will happen in TV shows or movies before I watch. For most people this ruins it, but I feel most comfortable knowing the spoilers. I know it's weird.

Jennie said...

I hate surprises also, mostly because I can't keep a secret. And I can't keep a secret because I'm a lousy lair.