Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's hot...

Drove by a bank around 4:30pm, it said it was 102 degrees out. I'm pretty sure I melted a bit today.

I finally got around to writing and submitting that article review. I'll keep you guys posted on the editors response. I basically followed the advice from the comments on that previous post except I did all I could to also evaluate the science. However, I made it very clear that this article was not publishable in any journal targeting an English speaking audience. And in the anonymous comments to the editor I made it clear that I would only agree to review a revised version if the journal editor could assure me that they had read it and it was free all the earlier writing issues.

I got the supplemental materials from the people I interviewed with on Wed, it's example reports that they have to submit every so many months to give me an idea of what that part of the job would entail. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet but will do it over the next day or two.

The conference was good. It was a really small (<250 people) meeting which was nice on one hand but I'm not really interested in the specific topic the conference was on so it was a little weird for me to be there. It was sponsored by my university and I have two friends from grad school town staying with me so it was worth it to go.

I do find I make some crazy social comparisons when I attend conferences. It makes me anxious about getting my manuscripts out and doing more research. Of course, if I get one of these non-academic jobs this won't be the standard anymore... but then again will I ever be able to kick those comparisons.


DC said...

Sounds like fun! At least you got to hang out with your friends. :)

B said...

I enjoy conferences but I do the same thing. If you see good work presented then it is easy start reviewing how hard it would be to collect all that data, or how interesting the question was and then wonder if you could do the same caliber work in the same time frame. At least that is what I wonder about.

alicia said...

good job finishing the article review!

here from nacomleavmo

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

DC- yeah, it was nice to see my friends. It seems conferences are the only time I get to see any of them anymore.

B- you read my mind. I just wonder if my work will ever make the same contribution. I also feel like I should work harder/longer/more often. ugh, I hate social comparisons.

Alicia - thanks for the comment.