Friday, June 6, 2008

RBOC: because I'm too tired to give it to you in real posts

  • Job Interview #1 was actually fun (foreshadowing another bullet here!) . We were on the phone for about 45 minutes and I was so glad they called because the job is so much better than I thought. They're a non-profit research organization and the research I'd be doing for them would be right up my alley, salary & benefits rock, they're way more flexible about what I'd be doing than I ever imagined and it would be an even closer commute than my current job!
  • Heard from people at job interview #1 today with additional materials, email ended with "looking forward to speaking with you next week", I think it's a good sign.
  • Now for Job Interview #2, that's right, I have another interview, this time for a university affiliated research position. This request came through yesterday afternoon. It's a research organization established at another University out of state that is starting up a new branch here in my state so I'll be doing a phone interview with the director on the 20th and they'll do face to face interviews on July 7th for their short list.
  • Mentor told me today that the 2 grants that I am a named post-doc on will be reviewed next week! June is a busy month for me. My worst fear is with all this job buzz right now I'll end up with nothing. Ugh, pessimism sucks! anyway... on to better things.
  • Baseball- way overindulged in my 2 games in 2 nights. I don't know how season ticket holders do it. It was fun though, my team won both games! Can't wait to go again.
  • Have a mini-conference this weekend (it's local) but I am exhausted so I went to the keynote tonight, I'm bailing on tomorrow and I'll go to all the talks on Sunday and see my friends present then too.
  • Next week I am jam packed with participants M, T, W and leave for my sister's weekend in Florida on Thursday so blogging may be light but I'll try and keep up as best I can.

Ok, I'm going to have some pizza and hit my bed soon.

Thanks for all of your well wishes everyone! It's so nice to know there's people out there reading my blog and wishing me well.


Psychgrad said...

Two good-sounding job interviews? That's awesome. I'd love to have one. Even if your worst fear came true and neither of these jobs worked out, you never know what will come up next week.

post-doc said...

Yay! I'm so happy your leads are starting to pan out! Can't wait to hear how things go next week.

Tanya said...

Good luck with the job hunt! I admit that I hate interviewing... that might explain why I've been at the same job since 1997.

BgIOgirl said...

Here's hoping for continued good luck with your job search!

Kim said...

Sounds great, hope things continue to go well for you! NCLM

JamieD said...

Visiting from NCLM and also wishing you well!! That is my favorite part of NCLM - I can almost FEEL the good vibes going around!

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the support everyone, it means a lot!!