Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009- Progress and Productivity wk 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I have come the realization that I have stalled in a number of really important (to me!) life domains which has left me feeling overwhelmed and disappointed in myself.

So now that I know the problem, what am I going to do about it? Well as cautioned in the comments in yesterday's post, I am certainly not going to try and tackle all of these every day or in a short amount of time, that's how I got here in the first place. Instead I've decided to make my 2009 theme- Progress and Productivity. Really, I don't need to be perfect, I don't have to reach my goals in a set amount of time, what I need is to feel like I am making progress and in turn feel productive. I am at my happiest and healthiest when I am making progress.

My plan for doing this is to tackle small measurable tasks related to each one of these areas every day and then report back (as a way of keeping myself accountable) here once a week. I am going to do my best to list my accomplishments and not dwell on what I haven't done, as one of my amazing readers mentioned yesterday it's really important that I don't beat myself up or I'll never feel like I'm making progress.

So here's what I've done this week.

1. Work: N/A this week
2. Research: I've done about 5 hours of writing on my dissertation manuscript this weekend! I am hoping to do some more tonight and do a good read through this week to send it out next weekend.
3. My health: Went to the eye doctor this week, weighed myself on Tuesday (OMG!) to get back on track with the weight loss program I've had success with in the past and even logged what I ate 1 day, and have been bringing left overs for lunch so I can make sure I'm making healthier choices.
4. My new house: Cleaned up all the X-mas decorations and DH stored them in the attic.
5. Finances: Logged on to my student loan website and got my payment information so I can take a look at my budget and see whether I need to restructure my loans or fit the current plan in my budget before my first payment which is due on the 20th. As mentioned in #3 I've been bringing my lunch to work to help save money.

I think that's a really good start. Already feeling better.


Surfergrrl said...

Sounds like a really good start! Yup, just taking things day by day!

Psych Post Doc said...