Monday, January 5, 2009

Should have stayed home...

This morning I wanted to hit the road early knowing that the post holiday vacation traffic would be a nightmare... instead...I locked
  • my keys
  • my purse
  • and most importantly MY COFFEE!!
In my car.

While it was RUNNING!

DH had to come unlock the vehicle and then it took me 50 minutes to drive the 20 minutes to work!!

Luckily, nothing else happened the rest of the day but I was cranky after that beginning to the day.


post-doc said...

Poor thing. I locked my keys in the car a couple of weeks ago (stupid lock button is where the unlock should be!) but at least my coffee was safely outside with me. I blame winter - much as I enjoy the cold, it does cause all sorts of problems.

Seeking Solace said...


Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks ladies.

Yes, that morning sucked!