Wednesday, January 7, 2009


After receiving bad customer service so many times I'm paranoid when things seem to go too smoothly.

I had to revise our rental car reservation for our trip to Spring Training because we're flying into a different airport and arriving earlier than the original reservation. I called the local number I received from the baseball teams destinations package group, they asked my name, when I'd be arriving and to what airport, told me it would be $X more and that I was all set...

It was probably less than 1 minute on the phone!

I am a little worried we'll get there and not have a rental car. I guess it's not a huge deal, like they'd be out of rental cars and if our reservation wasn't there I could just call this number again. We should get all our reservation materials in the mail a couple weeks before the trip so I'll just check it then, but isn't it weird how rather than relieved the ease makes me more worried??


B said...

No I'm the same way. I guess I'm always expecting something to come up. So if it goes too smoothly I worry something will crop up somewhere else!

Meaningful Revisions said...

I can relate to your experience. Thankfully I haven't had to do the rental car thing - yet.

Anyways, I gave you an award! You deserve it - I always look forward to reading your posts. :-)

Have a great week!

Psychgrad said...

I'm the same way. Mind you, I'd be paranoid if the call was difficult as well.

Spring training? Did I miss something? Are you a professional baseball player?

Psych Post Doc said...

They've already charged my credit card for the extra days so I think that's a good sign.

LOL PG- why yes, I play professional baseball in my free time. ;)