Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress and Productivity Wk 3

I'll start by saying this post is 1 day late because I didn't make that much progress this week and was therefore procrastinating on posting about it. However, I promised myself that I would no dwell on what I didn't do so here's the post focusing on the things I did rather than all the things I should have done.

1. Work:- eh, it was a crappy work week.
2. Research- NA this week (but I'll have an update next week).
3. Health- Brought lunch to work every day but Friday. My Dr's appointment is this week, can't wait until they ask me if I should see a nutritionists, ugh.
4. Home-NA
5. Finances- brought lunch to work every day but Friday.

Next week will be more P and P! :)


Surfergrrl said...

bringing your lunch to work is a great start! Keep up the good work on the P & P.

Psych Post Doc said...