Sunday, January 11, 2009

Progress and Productivity wk 2

1. Work:
- started to work on next deadline despite Boss still working on late items.
- talked to others about the situation to brainstorm ideas for how to make it better.
I realized I may not be able to talk about too much of the progress I make here because it's so job specific but I'll share whatever I can.

2. Research
- Worked on my Diss manuscript a bit today, had to enter some new analyzes and now all I need to do is write 1 more paragraph and then do a thorough proof read and I can submit.

3. Health
- made Drs appointment
- looked into gym options
- brought lunch to work everyday I was in the office.
- made 2 different soups this weekend so I can take it to work with me.
I really should have joined and gone to the gym... but I promised I'd keep it positive here so no beating myself up for not doing so.

4. Home
-Went through some of our gigantic piles of backed up mail. We have a habit of just moving piles from place to place and today I went through a bunch of them and guess what I found??? A CHECK!!! For $750. Talk about motivating for us to stay on top of the mail! We overpaid our grad school city escrow account last year, needless to say I took that right to the bank.

5. Finances
- brought lunch to work every day I was in the office.
- talked to DH about student loans, we agreed he'd pay about 20% of my loan payment as we took out some of these loans to live on while he looked for work in grad school town.
- got reimbursements from work for professional memberships! I did not even know this was possible but it saved me $75!
- Oh, and I found a check for $750, that helped.

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