Friday, May 30, 2008

Big News!!

I have a job interview!

I also have a really nosey lab mate who is probably looking over my shoulder as I write this so more to come later!!


Katt said...

Congrats on the job interview! And ughh for the nosy lab mate. I have a coworker like that. She'll just come in my office, walk behind my desk and look at what I'm doing on my computer.

She's is also the reason that I'm moving my blog.

Good luck with your interview!

post-doc said...

Congratulations and good luck! Hooray!

sassymonkey said...

Exciting! Job interviews are always exciting (sometimes scary but also exciting...). (NCLM)

Kim said...

Great news! Congrats and good luck! I agree that manicure should last longer. I have given up with them because I cannot get there often enough. I am a usually years behind on reading books. I have recently read The Kite Runner, THe Memory Keepers Daughter and The Glass Castle. Here from NCLM!

Ginny said...

Great news, good luck! Visiting from NaComLeavMo.

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks Everyone, I'm going to post more info in just a minute.

Also, thanks for the book recommendations Kim.