Monday, May 12, 2008

Going to miss my RAs.

Today was our end of the year lab party so it was a long day of work followed by trekking out to my mentor's apartment for the party. It was a nice get together, we gave out funny lab member awards which I think went over well.

My mentor told me today that all of my RAs wrote about how much they adore me in their final papers. Apparently I have them convinced that they completely designed the current study we're piloting! :) I really do value their feedback and hard work so I guess that comes through in my interactions with them.

So now we have a little down time before our internship program starts and so I'm planning a long weekend away with my sisters. Just a girls weekend of laying by the pool, drinking fancy alcohol drinks and getting massages and pedicures. I can't wait!!


Mamabeek said...

What great feedback to hear! Sounds like your a good person to work for/with.

Your weekend sounds delicious...

Psychgrad said...

Such nice notes!

Your weekend sounds like heaven. I'll be visiting family. Bleh.

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the comments.

It made me feel really good to hear the positive feedback from my RAs. I try really hard to include them and let them know I value their hard work and it's hard to know if that message gets through sometimes.

My weekend away isn't until June 12th, we're flying so we needed a little lead time. But it's something to look forward to!!