Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not everything is better on-line

As I've mentioned, I have been applying for a bunch of jobs this week. All except for one asked for the materials to be submitted on-line. Which in theory should be so much easier and quicker than printing out all of one's materials, finding an envelope and then heading to the post office to mail it off. But they so ARE NOT EASIER!!

Here's my reasons why...

1. If they want you to apply through their on-line system there is never a person involved, I don't know who to address the cover letter to, who to contact to make sure they got it (some of them don't even bother with the form email to let you know your application was received), or who to contact if their damn system won't let me upload my materials.

2. Each one makes it sound like all you have to do is upload your CV/resume and cover letter and you'll be done, but in actuality MANY of them have have you also basically fill in all of the information on your CV electronically. Um.. if you're going to have me fill in my work history and education information, why bother having me upload my CV?

3. Some systems don't allow attachments, so that means I have to take out all of the formatting from my CV (which I specifically put in for ease of reading) before I can paste it into their stupid little box which doesn't even let me see what it will look like when they get it because it's really just a 4" X 2" rectangle showing a paragraph at a time.

4. They all say that due to the number of applications they receive they regret to inform me that they can't contact me if I don't get the job. So I spend all this time uploading materials, writing very specific cover letters, filling out their stupid forms that ask for all of the same info I have in my CV and then they can't even send me a friggen form email to say sorry you're not getting the job. what the hell??!!

Of course, if some of these places start calling me for interviews I will be a lot less bitter about the application process.


B said...

Good luck, this sounds like a pain for sure!

Mamabeek said...

Gad... what a pain! I like the concept of just sending a link to my CV online, "Yo, if yer interested, click here." What you describe sure sounds like a waste of precious technology to me. Back to licking envelopes!

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the comments.

Exactly, they make it sound like applying is just a click away and then the next thing you know you're sucked into their system. Ugh.

Ewan said...

This is mostly random :) but: I'm about to (try to) hire a postdoc in behavioural neuro, at U. Albany (where I'm moving this summer), and that seemed to fit 'psych postdoc, NE US' - so I figured it was at least worth mentioning. Drop me a line if interested!