Wednesday, August 27, 2008

100 posts!

I'm going to waste #100 on venting. I am stressed.
  1. Mortgage broker was off on calculation of closing costs for new house. Said between 3K-5K, it's already over 5K and...
  2. We were looking over the good faith estimate tonight and mortgage broker forgot to mention 1 fee for 1200 that we have to come up with for closing... and
  3. We're pretty mortgage broker left off a 1.5% (of the total loan amount!!) upfront cost off the friggen estimate. They claim it's on the paperwork and included in the estimate but DH was on the phone with them for 25 minutes and everywhere they told him to look, the 1.5% was not included. This means that although we'll own a nice new house, we'll be eating ramen noodles for the next month or two while we get back on track.
  4. My car broke down tonight. It's nothing too major (just a radiator hose) but DH is stuck about 45 minutes away and will have the car fixed in the morning while I'm scrambling to find a ride to ANJ tomorrow.
It's not a great week. I'm ready to be done with this crazy house stuff.


Seeking Solace said...

Yay for 100 posts.

And BOO to your broker. How can one leave out that much information???

sassymonkey said...

Another yay for 100 posts!

Why does stuff like this always happen to people when they buy a house? Ok, maybe not exactly what happened to you but there's always something. Maybe I should rent forever.

post-doc said...

There's a tremendous amount of stress involved with moving for me - buying and selling and physically carting all my stuff from one place to the next. So it's exhausting and worrisome and though I'm so sorry stuff like this happened for you, remember that it'll be over at some point in the near future and that you'll be in a great new place! That you got for a good price! (Hang in there and I hope all works out so that you can continue to buy groceries.)