Monday, August 18, 2008

On the same page.

I have been reading blogs since I got home from my first day at ANJ, and I was surprised to read that both New Kid and Dr. Crazy both wrote about the anxiety and exhaustion they feel when surrounded by new people as this describes exactly how I felt all day today.

I am not introverted in general (I love being around lots of people I already know), but I am shy and self-conscious around new people and today was just new people overload. Everyone was really nice, I got some really friendly emails from team members who work remotely, and everyone who was in the office today stopped by to introduce themselves and let me know if I had any questions where I could find them or how to contact them. I spent much of the day reading reports and SOP manuals, but in between I met lots and lots of new people. With each new person I felt like I was deflating. I always want to appear friendly and say something witty but how many times can you make small talk about the report you're reading?

I was even taken out to lunch by 4 women who I just met today (one of them the president of my new organization). I am never quite sure what to say during these types of situations, never mind the fact that the lunch time conversation revolved around politics! If you know the nature of ANJ you know their political leanings and luckily my political leanings match up, but aren't you NEVER supposed to talk politics with new people? Maybe exceptions are made for people who do research funded by government contracts to write policy recommendations??

I'm not saying it was a bad day, I'm just saying I'll be glad when I know everyone so some of the pressure is off.


Psychgrad said...

I'm on the introverted side, so I know all about people overload.

Sounds like a great start. I find in my city people are not immediately welcoming to newcomers, so the fact that people are making an effort to welcome you is a good sign.

caroline said...

Thanks for posting your experiences. Today was my first day of my new job, too, and I was very nervous about it, too. So it was nice to know that other people are also uncomfortable in these situations. Sounds like you had a good day overall, though. Luckily, you won't be the new person for long.

B said...

Well it sound overall like it went ok. But I get nervous in those situations too, it is hard to know what is generally talked about and what isn't. It is good they were friendly though!