Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick research update

GA sent me back dissertation manuscript 1 yesterday. It is in really good shape and I will make my end of the month deadline on that paper.

No word from PDM about our paper and frankly I'm liking the distance right now so I won't nag her about it.

Received an email saying my poster was accepted for my Psych sub-field conference. This makes me happy 1. because my collaborator on that project is one of my favorite friends and 2. I know when I'll see all my psych sub-field friends again even though i just started ANJ which is not in that sub-field.

Was given actual work (i.e., not reading) at ANJ yesterday, did it well enough that they gave me a whole days worth of work today. Speaking of which... I need to get out of here.


Psychgrad said...

Sounds like a good day all around. It's nice when things fall into place.

The Little Student... said...

Hey, saw your comment on Psychgrad's blog and thought I would stop by. It sounds like you are settling in at work. Good luck!

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks Psychgrad and little student.