Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RBOC: My life lately edition

  • 2 more days left at post doc (PD). today was 12 hours, tomorrow will be 12 hours as well.
  • PDM won't be back in town before I leave, I haven't seen her in 3 weeks.
  • I have been rocking out on all my PD projects and I think I have moved them much further along that my PDM was expecting so I am much less worried about getting screwed out of my well earned authorship.
  • Awesome new job (ANJ) sent me my official offer letter. It's so nice to have that in my hand.
  • I have 1 week off between PD and ANJ, but I've been too damn busy finishing up to plan for my week off.
  • ANJ also sent me a bunch of reading material (at my request), and I'm excited to get a better feel for what my new job will entail, this is how I will spend some of my week off.
  • One of my favorite friends from grad school is coming to stay with DH and I for a night. I can't wait to see him, we'll have a blast.
  • To go with my ANJ, I bought two pairs of ANS (awesome new shoes of course!!), what do you think? The heels on both are a little higher than I would usually go with but I loved both of them and I will have to drive to ANJ so I won't have to walk too far in these.

  • DH and I are going to open houses together this Sunday. It should be interesting, we seem to have very different opinions about what our next house will be.
Ok, there is my catch up. I promise to post more often when my life slows down a bit.


thenextfish said...

Love love love the shoes. And I won't mention the blisters I've developed from wearing heels today for the first time in months.

caroline said...

Cute shoes! And yay for ANJ!

how fun it is to start your new job (in pretty new shoes, no less).

Southern Grad Girl said...

Oooh... Pretty shoes. I especially love the ones on the right (but then again I love any pair of heels that are made to resemble men's shoes, even slightly.

And yeah for ANJ (and being excited enough to call it awesome)!

jess said...

Hi Psych Post Doc! Congratulations on the new job!

I left you a note awhile asking if I could ask you a few questions (maybe over email?) about your job-search project, how the job relates to what you did as an academic, etc., but I never followed up on it. Is there a way I could contact you by email, if you didn’t mind?

Thanks! I'm a psych grad student trying to get out of academia, and it's been helpful to me to see how other people have made their transitions.

Psych Post Doc said...

Next Fish- no talk of blisters before my new shoes even get here!! Just looking at the pictures makes me happy.

Thanks Caroline.

SGG- thanks! I think the fact that they look a little like men's shoes is what I like too. I love the buckle.

Jess- I responded the last time you commented and I've been trying ot think about how I could post answers to your questions but remain annonymous. Sure, you can email me at postdoc.psych at gmail dot com.