Sunday, August 10, 2008

House Hunting Recap

Well, it's not going to be either of the houses I posted pictures of in the previous post.

House #1 is too small, it looks deceptively large in the pictures but the rooms are all tiny.

House #2 is already under agreement but they still held the open house to get back up offers. We suspected and were correct about the fact that it was a flip. It looks pretty but there were a lot of short cuts taken when they remodeled which were apparent when you started to take a closer look.

However, all is not lost because surprise, surprise we ended up liking a house that we weren't seriously considering before we took a look at it. It's an older house (built in 1900), but that is what we like. The house we own in grad school town was built in 1890.

So here are a couple of pictures.

The side view which shows the front of the house.

The back view with the 2 tiered deck and a closer look at the deck.

So we're going to contact a mortgage broker to start the pre-approval process tomorrow. I'm not sure how long that will take or how long the house will be on the market so we'll see what happens. We didn't bother with the pre-approval previously because we were really just looking but we like this house enough and it's about 10K below our general budget that we're going to move forward. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


post-doc said...

So pretty! I rather thought that you would find something lovely given the inventory in many markets right now. Pre-approval should go quickly and my fingers are officially crossed that you end up in a place you love!

Psychgrad said...

Exciting stuff! Looks like a good deck for a party.

I like the cupboard space for house #2, but house #1 looks like it has more character - at least from the inside.

Keep us posted on how it goes with #3.

thenextfish said...

Wow - so fast! The house looks beautiful and I'm with you on the older houses.

sassymonkey said...

Nice! Have my fingers crossed for you.

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks Everyone,

Katie- we're in a weird place with our budget. The houses that suit us best are just over our budget and the ones that fall within our budget would put us way over if we made them work for us. I've looked at 11 houses so far. I hope things work with this one.

Psychgrad- I love, love, love the tierd deck. It's my favorite thing about the house. I picture DH and I sitting out there with an outdoor fireplace and a glass of wine.

Nextfish- It's fast compared to when I decided on a job, but I knew I would start looking for a house as soon as I took a permanent job. And there's just something about an old house, sure they can be a headache but I am just a sucker for character.

Thanks Sassy!!