Monday, August 11, 2008


I am technically on vacation. I took 1 week off between postdoc and Awesome New Job (ANJ) to relax and unwind from working 12 hour a days to finish up postdoc stuff.

So what is my plan for this week?

First, I absolutely refuse to do any work from post doc. I still have work on my 2 major projects from there (which should eventually result in at least 4 publications). My study will still run this week and then they'll be compiling the data and giving it to me, however I told them to only call me in emergencies and to save all questions/requests until after my vacation.

I still have the goal of getting out some of those first authored manuscripts listed on my productivity list on the left there. In the past two weeks I've helped submit two third authored papers so my first authored pubs have suffered. My plan is to write at least 1 hour a day for the rest of this week and see if I can get at least my first Dissertation manuscript to my co-author/grad advisor. It's in good shape, it could still go out by the end of the month if she likes it and/or doesn't sit on it for too long.

I have a planned collaboration with a grad school colleague. She sent me articles and ideas for it a while ago. I would like to finally take a look at that stuff and have a conversation with her about a real plan for this project.

ANJ sent me 3 documents to read/look over before I start. They were things I asked for so it's not as though they're a requirement but it would be nice if I read the stuff I asked them to send me. One is a research proposal that they'd like me to take over so I really, really should read that. I have orientation at ANJ tomorrow, I'll get to meet the rest of my team and probably have lunch with them.

I also really, really need to clean my apartment. DH and I have been working our asses off and the apartment is really looking neglected. Especially with two dogs that shed a third dogs worth of fur every week. Plus, my office needs to be cleaned out. I brought home files from post doc office that need to be organized into my home office... and I still haven't finished organizing my grad school materials.

I do have some fun stuff planned.
  1. Getting a pedicure today. OMG do I need one
  2. One of my favorite friends from grad school is coming to visit tomorrow night. We'll hang out and we already have lunch plans for Wed.
  3. I would like to go to the beach (today is crappy weather, maybe Th or F)
  4. Possibly go see friend who is pregnant and needs to be resting.

So, does that sound like vacation? Probably not. I'm not very good at this whole vacation thing when staying home. I am good at limiting or doing no work when I actually go away but not when I'm surrounded by the same people/spaces as when I am not on vacation.

The good news is that DH gets a weeks vacation next month, and at ANJ vacation time begins right away, so I'm hoping we can plan a real vacation sometime this fall.

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