Friday, July 11, 2008

Article Review Update

Finally heard back from the editor about the article review I had agreed to write. The article was rejected and the editor made it clear that they would only agree to a new submission that was completely re-written. The editor did not comment directly on my review but just sent me the form "thank you for your opinion, I relied on it heavily to make my decision" email with a link to the decision letter and other review.

The other reviewer did not directly comment on the fact that the author was a non-native speaker but agreed that the writing was unacceptable. I thought it was interesting that the other reviewer suggested a major revision rather than reject.

It was clear the editor did not read the manuscript prior to sending it out for review, I hope that the editor is now more likely to do that from now on. I generally like reviewing articles but this article really was a chore and took incredibly long to get through.

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