Friday, July 11, 2008

Job Search Update

Non-academic job (NAJ) has now spoken to both my GA and my Post Doc Mentor (PDM) but have not yet called/emailed me with an offer. PDM called me yesterday to congratulate me on my offer and when I informed her that I did not yet have an offer, kept insisting that I got the job. I was like "okay, but I haven't heard from them at all since my in-person interview".

I was a little put off by PDM's call because 1. I still don't have an offer and I think they were just assuming I was getting the job but I felt uncomfortable with that assumption given that NAJ still hasn't contacted me at all, and 2. because PDM seemed just a little too excited for me and made me want to ask "um, don't you want me to stay"? When they inquired if I was excited I said "Well, yes it's a great job but at the same time I just want to know what all my options are before getting too excited about anything". PDM said they understood but "still it's great to have an offer" (um.. I don't have an F'n offer!!!) So it made me feel like they were just a little to enthusiastic about the prospect of me leaving.

I'm interested in hearing any opinions regarding how worried I should be about how long this job offer has been in the works. My phone interview with them was about 2 months ago, my in person interview was 2 weeks ago. Before that I had sent in my application 1.5 months before they contacted me for the phone interview.

Should I at all be worried about taking a position with a company that takes this long (and who knows how much longer) to fill a position they claim they have a "desperate need to fill?" The delays make me wonder if there will be other aspects of this job that carry on for an incredibly long time. Should I worry about some bureaucratic process or inefficiency? Can I ask them about this without sounding condescending or insulting them?

Oh, and my cell phone just rang with an unknown #, I didn't pick it up because I didn't know the #. Then it went to voice mail and rang again so this time I picked it up in case it was NAJ calling.... it was a wrong number. Bastard!!


thenextfish said...

And now you have to wait all weekend! This is a good thing, remember, you might hear about the post-doc in between. My fingers are crossed for you.

Ms.PhD said...

incredibly long vs. academia? no contest. there is nowhere outside that is as slow as academia is.