Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick check in

Sorry I haven't blogged since Friday, I had a busy weekend with DH's birthday and other family events. Then yesterday I had work all day to get a conference abstract in at the last minute.

I have informed almost everyone who needs to be informed about the new job and thus far the reaction has been wonderfully supportive. This includes collaborators, mentors, lab mates and grad school colleagues so it's nice to see the world of academia is not coming down on me for my choice. :)

I have received a few questions about the new job and how closely related to my current research/discipline it is and I really want to answer these questions but find a way to keep my anonymity in check so I'm not ignoring these questions, nor have I forgotten about them. I'm just trying to figure out how to answer them without blowing my cover or making my answers so abstract that it's not even helpful to those who asked.

I do want to say that since making this decision I feel an immense freedom. I promise to explain more of what I mean about that later. For now, I'm off for a much needed pedicure and then dinner with a friend.


thenextfish said...

That's great I'm glad everything is falling into place and feels 'right.' So what's going to happen to 'Psych Post Doc'?

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks. I don't want to stop blogging... technically I am still post my doctorate in psych so technically the name fits.... we'll see if I grow out of it when I start my new job.