Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let the productivity begin...

I'm up (it's 7:39am), and I've had my first cup off coffee. I did not sleep in and I'm going to now get to work reading the paper I have to comment on. *

Even cancelled the lunch date with my friend so I'll have all day for this writing extravaganza. May need to move to Starbucks later as it is supposed to get VERY hot. Either way I will check in later tonight and give the update.

* But first a blog update. :)

9:57am- I have read, commented on and made figures for, and sent back secondary GA paper. Now on to dissertation manuscript.

12:37pm- I have read through and did a lot of editing on the dissertation draft. I am going to get some lunch now and then do some additional analysis this afternoon and maybe even send the paper to my grad advisor who is a co-author on this paper this afternoon!!

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thenextfish said...

I'm a little behind schedule... I'm a late riser but I figure I've got a good 12hrs of the day ahead (the benefits of being single!).