Saturday, July 26, 2008

Single Girl Weekend Progress

Here is the list of what I intended to do...

  • Finish up the edits on the paper I promised to get back to GA on Monday. I made really good progress on it today.
    • This is done. Edited the paper, and the cover letter to the editor and sent to GA 2 days ahead of schedule.
  • Do some data analysis stuff for one of my PD projects that I'm trying to get finished up.
    • Maybe tomorrow
  • Spend tomorrow morning and early afternoon at the beach.
    • Well, I spent an hour at the beach waiting for them to test the water. Um.. yeah swimming with bacteria is not my idea of fun (thank you crazy weather!!), so I went back to my sister's house and we hung out by her pool. So, although it was not the beach I did get to do some reading in the sun and swim so that is progress.
  • Catch a couple of open houses on Sunday*
    • I still hope to do this tomorrow, DH is not going to be back until later in the afternoon so I may see if one of my sisters will come with me.
  • Watch some trash TV and snuggle with my puppies.
    • I did some snuggling last night but watched baseball (AND THAT IS NOT TRASH TV), I do think I'll get my trash TV fill tonight.
I haven't cooked since DH left, left over Chinese last night, pizza delivery tonight. Just like when I was a single girl. :)


thenextfish said...

There's nothing like trash tv and pizza [sigh] I need to indulge myself more. Of course it works better when you get more than two channels on your tellie.

Psych Post Doc said...

I ended up watching baseball the whole weekend. You do need more than two channels though to get your trash TV quota.